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Duotrope’s on Thieves Jargon

Thieves Jargon

TLRR: TJ does not take unsolicited submissions. You need to have an in. Many magazines are like this, but unlike TJ they are not so honest.

Magazines like to let writers think they have a chance getting published within in order to increase readership. Do we really need to see Joyce Carol Oates taking space from other writers in lit mags? Doesn’t she have enough credibility? Yes, TLRR is cynical. This derives from lit mags asking for donations and using their submission guidelines to increase their bottom line. Lit mags are the minor leagues, they exist to increase the quality of fiction, and yes, money is important. Lit mags should be supported by the big leagues, the successful writers and people in the book industry. Of course, writers should read lit mags, and buy a few, and promote any lit mag that publishes their own work.

But back to TJ, they have quality stuff, and do not fool around. Check them out. They are one of the Ezines I read for pleasure, not research.


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